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    Aldea Konda

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    “The simple and quiet town of Konda has long been the main place for the production of Shogunate dyes. But due to the Border Closure Decree and the war, this village seems to have aged prematurely ... »

    ~ Description on Expedition

    La Aldea Konda (Japanese: 紺 田村 Konda-mura), is a location on Narukami Island, Inazuma. A picturesque town, which is known for its star dish, Konda Stew.


    NPCs - Non-playable characters

    • Konda Densuke - Village Chief
    • Futaba
    • Imatani Saburou
    • Saimon Eri
    • Saimon Katsumi
    • Saimon Jirou - Saimon Katsumi's son is also from the village, but initially he is on Jinren Island. After completing Peasant Treasure, Jirou will be transferred to Konda Village.
    • Takeru
    • Tejima
    • Yasuda

    Exclusive Mission NPCs

    • Kenjirou
    • Mahiru
    • Imatani Kaori

    Interactive objects

    Well blocked

    The Village Well is behind Konda Densuke's house.

    (When interacting with the well to the southwest of the village; the World Quest A Strange Tale must be started in Konda for the interaction message to appear) Aldea Konda Well blocked Well lock: (The dry well is blocked and it looks like it could be opened with the corresponding key ...) (Complete the quest A Strange Story in Konda to unlock the well.)

    Well unlocked

    Inside the well, there is a door behind an electrified Barrier near the Torii Shrine puzzle. Opening the door with the switch will start the following dialogue (separate from the mission):

    Paimon: There seems to be a lot of stuff at the bottom of this well! Paimon: (Traveler), let's see what other treasure we can find!

    There will be an Ancient Stone Slab and a Rusty Key in the room. There is another door that the player can open to access the starting area below the well.

    Estatua Kitsune

    Inside the well there will be a statue of an Earthen Kitsune Statue near three Electro Slimes. Using the Lens of memories on him will give the following dialogue:

    Someone's voice: "We will not fail you, Miss Saiguu. The Konda Clan will keep this key safe ..."

    Along the coast to the west of Konda Village, there is a small enclave on the cliffs with another Earthly Kitsune Statue. Using the Lens of Memories provides:

    Someone's voice: "... Good? Not a bad place to take a break from shrine chores once in a while, huh? When I was a servant of the Tengu, I would hide here all the time and fall asleep listening to the waves .. . pure happiness ". Someone's voice: "... How pathetic. And for someone so illustrious ..."
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