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    Aguaclara Village

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    芦A quiet and idyllic village. With a long hunting tradition, it is known for the fresh water of its spring, where, according to legend, a kind fairy dwells. 禄

    ~ Backwater of Aguaclara

    Aguaclara Village It is a small town in the Mondstadt nation. Located in the southeast of the Blizzard Plateau region, Aguaclara Village features dirt paved areas and tan one-story houses with blue tile roofs. A unique windmill watches over the city, with a natural spring just below it.


    • 1 Points of interest
      • 1.1 Spring
      • 1.2 Food station
    • 2 NPC

    Points of interest


    The north side of the city has a spring below the windmill. Here you can find Draff, the Chief Hunter, who sells Raw Meat and Poultry, and The Wonderful Hopkins, who sells Holy Water. Old Finch arrives at the spring to hopefully have one last conversation with the spring fairy, and the boy, Pepe, runs around the Windmill to get stronger to hunt. Marla can be found lounging on a bench, about to fall asleep.

    At night, Hopkins can be found bottling water from the spring, muttering plans to price regular water at a high cost from Mora.

    Food station

    On the east side of town, Chef Brook has her cooking station installed. Brook sells Barbecue Steak, Chicken Mushroom Skewer, and Northern Smoked Chicken. Behind her, the player can discover Wheat and Potato in storage boxes under an awning.


    Draff.pngDraffAllan Brook.pngBrook (on the day) The Wonderful Hopkins.pngThe Wonderful HopkinsPepe.pngPepe (on the day)Jotun (on day)Marla (on the day)Old Finch (in the day)Myweiss (on day)Olaf (on the day until 20:00)
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