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    Adventurer's Guild

    Adventurer's Guild

    El Adventurer's Guild is an organization that offers adventurer service for individuals and other organizations in the seven nations of Teyvat.

    By speaking with Katheryne, the receptionist, you can:

    • Claim daily rewards for commissioned missions.
    • Claim Adventure Rank rewards.
    • Send characters on expeditions.


    The Adventurer's Guild provides a platform to help novices adjust to the adventurer's lifestyle, while offering support to veteran adventurers and allowing them to go on adventures with greater freedom. He manages all the information he gathers and distributes it in the form of missions and adventures assigned to the adventurers.

    The guild's motto is "Ad Astra Abyssoque", which translates to "To the stars and to the abyss."

    Little is known about the origins of the Adventurer's Guild. However, according to Lan's dialogue, the main headquarters are in Snezhnaya.


    Within the union there are two departments that take care of important roles so that it continues to operate. Guild adventurers handle commissioned missions the guild receives.

    The Intelligence Department does not normally receive commissioned missions. Instead, it provides adventurers with vital information that they can use to complete their commissioned missions. The department is divided into two groups: the researchers and the organizers. The investigators are in the field and are in charge of gathering information, while the organizers take all this information obtained by the investigators and organize it before providing it to the adventurers.

    Known members

    Name Role Location
    Cyrus Branch Master in Mondstadt Mondstadt
    Lan Branch Master in Liyue Liyue Port
    Qian Liyue Port
    Tiantian Recruiter Liyue Port
    Alfry Organizer of the Intelligence Department Mondstadt
    Lynn Survival expert Mondstadt
    Fischl Researcher at the Intelligence Department Mondstadt
    Bennett Adventurous Mondstadt
    Katheryne Receptionist Mondstadt
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