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    Aina Prat
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    Little Lulu is sad. Apparently there is something that worries him ... 禄


    1. Talk to Little Lulu.
    2. Talk to Ying'er.
    3. If you choose to pay:
      • Wait for dusk.
      • Talk to Ying'er to get the perfume.
    4. If you choose to help:
      • Find 3 mints.
      • Synthesize an essential oil of peppermint.
      • Wait for Ying'er to make the perfume.
      • Talk to Ying'er.
    5. Give the perfume to Lulu.


    1. Additional rewards:
      • Blackberry 脳 400
      • Silk Flower 脳 1
    Adventure Range
    12 ~ 15 10 175 1,850 15 0 ~ 1 1 ~ 4 0
    16 ~ 20 10 200 2,125 20 0 1 ~ 4 0 ~ 1
    21 ~ 25 10 200 2,400 20 0 1 ~ 4 0 ~ 1
    26 ~ 30 10 225 ? ? 0 1 ~ 4 0 ~ 1
    31 ~ 35 10 225 2,675 25 0 1 ~ 4 0 ~ 1
    36 ~ 40 10 250 3,225 30 0 1 ~ 3 0 ~ 2
    41 ~ 45 10 250 3,500 30 0 1 ~ 3 0 ~ 2
    46 ~ 50 10 250 3,775 35 0 1 ~ 3 0 ~ 2
    51 ~ 55 10 250 4,075 35 0 1 ~ 3 0 ~ 2


    (Talk to Little Lulu) Lulu: When will it be ready? Are you not going to play today? Lulu: Oh hello! No, we haven't played much lately. Lulu: Meng is in a bad mood and angry all day, and Fei disappears every so often. Lulu: I asked Meng what was wrong with him, but he wouldn't tell me. They both act very strange lately. Welcome to the grown-up world, girl. Lulu: So when you grow up you stop being happy? So why are Meng and Fei so eager to grow up? Lulu: So I don't want to be big. Lulu: Anyway, we are changing the subject. I need you to help me with something. Are you sad too? Lulu: Me? No, I'm fine, but ... I need your help. Lulu: Can you get me something from Ying'er's shop? I already talked to her, she should be ready. With pleasure. Lulu: That's great! Thanks! So Ying'er's shop, huh? Lulu: I don't know what you're thinking, but it's not that. I just asked Ying'er to do something for me, and she said she would. Lulu: So will you help me please? (Talk to Little Lulu again) Lulu: I don't know what's wrong with Meng and Fei lately ... (talks to Ying'er) Ying'er: Wow, it's you again. You missed me? What brings you here? I came to pick up something for Lulu. Ying'er: For Lulu? ... Oh, right. He asked me to make him a perfume. Ying'er: But I'm afraid this is not the best time ... For some reason, since the last time you came, more and more people ask for perfumes. Ying'er: I have a huge number of orders. It's too much for me alone, especially since I also have to tend the store. Ying'er: Also, Lulu is just a girl. It would be a bit inappropriate to give him the same type of perfume that adult women wear. Ying'er: So I was thinking of a way to make my perfume more kid-friendly. I recently came up with a suitable formula, but haven't tried it yet. Ying'er: If it's that urgent, it could start now, it's just ... How about 3000 Blackberries? (If you have enough Blackberries) Ying'er: Wow! If you're in such a hurry ... Okay, I'll give Lulu's perfume a priority, just because of our friendship. Ying'er: But I have to take care of the store during the day, I take care of my personal affairs at night. Ying'er: Come by tonight, I'll have it ready for you. (If you don't have enough Blackberries) Ying'er: Oh sorry, you don't seem to have enough. I can help. Ying'er: That would be very good for me. After all, you have a lot of experience with these things. I'm sure of that, hehe. Ying'er: Luckily, I have some leftover ingredients around here. I'll go to Chef Mao's kitchen to make preparations. Ying'er: Go collect three mint leaves, and then extract their essential oil on a crafting table. I guess you know how to use it, right? Ying'er: Bring me the peppermint essential oil, I'll take care of the rest. (Talk to Ying'er again if you have paid the 3000 Mora) Ying'er: Why the rush? (Talk to Ying'er again if you have chosen to help) Ying'er: Don't forget, bring me the peppermint essential oil. How do I do it? Ying'er: You forgot it? But we did it together recently. How quickly you forget things ... Ying'er: I'll explain it to you one more time. Collect three mints and take them to a crafting table to extract their essential oil. Ying'er: Bring me the essential oil, and I'll take care of the rest. What are the applications of peppermint essential oil? Ying'er: How to say it? ... It has the ability to neutralize some of the most stimulating elements. Ying'er: But the most important thing is that the fragrance is perfect for a girl like Lulu. Ying'er: A girl's fragrance is much more than just a smell ... Ying'er: : The perfume should capture Lulu's youthful love for life, her innocence ... Hehe. (Talk to Ying'er if you have paid 3000 Mora) Ying'er: The perfume is ready. I made a custom version with peppermint essential oil. Ying'er: Here you have. Take it to Lulu. Agree. Why mint? Ying'er: It counteracts some of the more ... stimulating components with its neutral aroma. Ying'er: To be honest, I was very surprised to receive an order from Lulu. Ying'er: She reminds me of myself at her age, when one lives love for the first time. Oh! How the heart beats! ... If I had been a little wiser back then ... Ying'er: * Ahem * ... Anyway, you should go back to Lulu. (Talk to Ying'er when finishing the perfume) Ying'er: Here is a personalized mint perfume, made especially for Lulu. You can take it now. Agree. Why would Lulu want something like that? Ying'er: He didn't tell me, and I didn't ask him. Ying'er: All girls have secrets. Keeping a few things hidden and being discreet is part of a girl's charm. Ying'er: All right, now go give it to Lulu. (Talk to Ying'er again) Ying'er: I don't know why Lulu would need a perfume ... But I guess she's growing. (Talk to Little Lulu) Lulu: Hello, did you bring my perfume? Yes, I brought it. Lulu: Thanks! Ying'er's perfume is the best! Lulu: I wonder what Meng and Fei will do when they smell it ... Lulu: I wonder how they will react ... It will be interesting. You will love them. Lulu: I hope so. Who do you prefer to play with? Lulu: Hey? I have no preference. I prefer them both! Meng and Fei are my best friends. Lulu: Thanks for helping. I'll be coming home to try my new perfume. Lulu: If it's good then I can use it over and over again.
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