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    Adeptus gourmet pot

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    Judit Llordes
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    Quickly create a pot to cook anywhere. The item will be destroyed if you enter combat. The people of Liyue, a region with vast territory and rugged geography, love food. This pot is the only one capable of coping with these two geographical characteristics. Using it, you can cook anytime, anywhere, whether it's on top of the peaks of Jueyun Gorge or on the reefs of Guyun Stone Forest. »

    ~ Description.

    El Adeptus gourmet pot is a contraption, this not reusable and used placing it on the ground.


    • Crafting blueprints can be obtained when Liyue's Reputation level 5 is reached.


    It is a portable cooker that can be used on the ground for cooking out of combat.


  • Burning Flame Essential Oil
  • 1 × Burning Flame Essential Oil
  • Crystal core
  • 2 × Crystal Core
  • Piece of iron
  • 2 × Piece of Iron
  • blackberry
  • 500 × Sea
  • Adeptus gourmet pot
  • 1 × Adeptus gourmet pot
    • 1 Burning Flame Essential Oil
    • 2 Crystal core
    • 2 Piece of iron
    • 500 blackberry

    1 Pot del Gourmet Doom

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