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A wonderful adventure is Bennett's first act at the Encuentros event. To unlock it, you need to have reached Adventure Rank 26, have 2 Legendary Keys, and have completed Song of the Dragon and Freedom.


Each mission allows you to continue through any of the missions that are directly below.
Mission routes
A meeting between adventurers
Order of Wind and Glory The adventurer in the sea of ​​dandelions It is difficult to cook without ingredients Eya Ruins Adventure
El Buen Cazador meal schedule An effortless reward? Thermadon Adventures Final 5 Final 6
Reajas from the Mondstadt Boutique Towards the stars Final 1 Final 2
Final 3 Final 4
Final 1Final 2Final 3Final 4Final 5Final 6

Aether Finals with Bennett:

Lumine Finals with Bennett:

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