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    A wonderful adventure

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    A wonderful adventure is Bennett's first act at the Encuentros event. To unlock it, you need to have reached Adventure Rank 26, have 2 Legendary Keys, and have completed Song of the Dragon and Freedom.


    Each mission allows you to continue through any of the missions that are directly below.
    Mission routes
    A meeting between adventurers
    Order of Wind and Glory The adventurer in the sea of 鈥嬧媎andelions It is difficult to cook without ingredients Eya Ruins Adventure
    El Buen Cazador meal schedule An effortless reward? Thermadon Adventures Final 5 Final 6
    Reajas from the Mondstadt Boutique Towards the stars Final 1 Final 2
    Final 3 Final 4
    Final 1Final 2Final 3Final 4Final 5Final 6

    Aether Finals with Bennett:

    Lumine Finals with Bennett:

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